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Australians really do have a unique brand of humour. We enjoy self-deprecating digs, send-ups of our own stereotypes and anything that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It therefore comes as no surprise that there are many cult favourite television shows in Australia that have never taken off overseas. Here are 5 of the best.
1. Hamish and Andy

Hamish and Andy started out as a radio duo with electric on-air chemistry. Charming audiences with their goofy humour, they quickly became one of Australia’s most popular comedy duos and travelled the world filming their “Gap Year” series for TV. They disarm the crowd with their relatable skits and outrageous challenges, eating local delicacies such as donkey penis and getting into lots of hairy situations.
2. Kath and Kim

Kath and Kim are household names in Australia, famous for four outrageous seasons of character comedy based around suburban bogans Kath Day-Knight, a foxy single mother, and her middle-aged daughter Kim. It features legends of Australian comedy such as Glenn Robbins, who plays Kath’s metro, power-walking boyfriend Kel, and Magda Szubanski who plays Kim’s injury prone “second-best friend” Sharon Strzelecki.
Kath与Kim的大名在澳大利亚家喻户晓,他们出演的喜剧已经播出了四季,反响热烈。故事围绕郊区的底层人民Kath Day-Knight——一位狡猾的单身母亲——与她的中年女儿Kim的生活展开。这部剧中诞生了澳大利亚喜剧圈的多位传奇人物,例如Glenn Robbins和Magda Szubanski,分别在剧中饰演Kath来自城市的男友Kel,和Kim敏感脆弱的“第二好朋友”Sharon Strzelecki。
3. 追赶者

A staple from the Australian Broadcasting Company for many years was The Chaser’s War On Everything: a panel style comedy show that offered risquéopinions on current affairs in Australian society. They are famous for satirising otherwise serious political issues and calling politicians out on “un-Australian”behaviour. They ran into quite a lot of trouble over the years, being arrested for dressing as Osama Bin Laden in a security controlled zone, and offending thousands with their fictional “Make a Realistic Wish Foundation”, a parody on the real Make a Wish Foundation.
许多年来,澳大利亚广播公司的主打产品就是“战争直击”(The Chaser’s War On Everything)。这是一档小组对话形式的喜剧节目,对澳大利亚社会上近期出现的事件发表一些尖锐的评论。这档节目之所以有名,是因为讥讽那些不带严重政治色彩的事件,并且敢于大声“控诉”政客们“非澳大利亚范儿”的行为。这些年来,他们屡屡闯祸,曾因为在管控区乔装成本·拉登而被捕,以及虚构了“许个真实愿望”基金会而得罪了一大堆人——因为山寨了“许个愿望”基金会。

4. 一切有关Chris Lilley的节目

Creator of Summer Heights High, J’amie: Private School Girl, We Can Be Heroes andAngry Boys, Chris Lilley has achieved legend status amongst Australian comedy writers. Writing, directing and starring in his own series, cross-dressing and crossing boundaries. Chris Lilley’s comedy is a commentary on all things laughable about Australian culture, from the “Australian of the Year”competition to Australian beach culture. Every teenager in Australia can quote his character Jonah Hill and is familiar with Lilley’s own brand of comedy.
作为“夏日高中”(Summer Heights High), “J’amie: 私立高中女孩”(J’amie: Private School Girl),“人人皆英雄”(We Can Be Heroes)与“愤怒男孩”(Angry Boys)的作者,Chris Lilley在澳大利亚的喜剧作家圈内已是传奇般的存在。他在自编自导、自己主演的连续剧中穿着奇装异服,不断刷新观众的认知。从“本年度最佳澳大利亚人”到澳大利亚的沙滩文化,Chris Lilley的喜剧对澳大利亚文化中一切有趣的事物发表评论。每个澳大利亚青年随口就能说出他所扮演的Jonah Hill的经典语录,并且对他的喜剧品牌如数家珍。
5. 玩转校园

Every Australian has fond memories of watching Play School as a child and can name reels of their favourite presenters. Play School is a children’s show featuring song and dance, craft and reading and for many taught them more than their first year of school. It is immortalised along with other perennial Australian favourites, The Wiggles and Bananas in Pyjamas.
每个澳大利亚人的记忆中都珍藏着着童年时观看“玩转校园”(Play School)的美好片段,并且还能够历数出他们喜爱的主持人。Play school是一个以歌舞、手工与阅读为内容的儿童节目。对许多人而言,这个节目教的知识比他们在学校第一年学到的还多。和另外两个广受欢迎的节目“小恐龙”(The Wiggles)、“香蕉兄弟”(Bananas in Pyjamas)一样,这档节目伴随了一代又一代的澳大利亚人,成为了不朽的经典。





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